During the course of a busy work day, a manager rarely finds the time to sit back in peace and quiet and give some thought to the quality of his or her own work. The burden of responsibility lies heavy on an executive, creativity gets enshrouded and, often enough, one‘s leadership style is compromised by mechanical habits and the adversity of day-by-day office routines. Not even the best of theories can mitigate this situation.

For this reason, our training program emphasizes experience-oriented learning: How can I best train my presence, my direction and my empathy without falling back into old habits again? I can achieve this by seeing, feeling and experiencing something new and by having to be hands-on in an unfamiliar environment.
We don't rely on flip charts and seminar rooms - we focus on ballrooms, orchestra pits, artist's studios and the adrenaline-loaded atmosphere of Berlin.

We have put together three executive training programmes for you:

  • Conducting
  • Tango Argentino
  • Archery