Who We Are

Where enterprise and culture meet, sparks can fly.  You have creative energy. And it's waiting to be discovered so that it can unfold its sustainable and holistic impact.

The manager, who wields a conductor's baton for the very first time, is amazed at the effect he achieves. In dancing a tango, the department head senses instinctively that leading and being led are two sides of the same coin. As concentration and detachedness meet, the archer hits his mark.

Our innovative training sessions draw on artistic resources. They break ground where curiosity and a desire for the unfamiliar begin.   Leadership, after all, is also the ability to challenge not only oneself but also others to forge new paths. Creating a team is best done when your staff members break down inner barriers while redefining their strengths and weaknesses.

For this reason, you won‘t be subjected to confined seminar rooms. Instead, we will lead you to authentic sites of Berlin‘s creative scene. For the same reason, we won’t pair you with a standard coach but with leading Berliner artists instead. Our guests get to know Berlin as a city that’s alive, sparkles and inspires!

Keep in mind: A business is only as good as its staff. And your staff is only as good as its esprit. Energy, spirit and commitment require coaching. This takes place daily at work: Learning through trial and error, gathering experiences, developing interconnected structures. But in addition to this, we also know that unrecognized creative potential lies dormant in everyone. New horizons can be reached at any point in one‘s career.